Dua for Supplication of Anxiety and Sorrow

Today I would Like to Quote the Dua for Supplication of Anxiety and Sorrow:

(117) ‘O Allah, I take refuge in You from anxiety and sorrow, weakness and laziness, miserliness and cowardice, the burden of debts and from being over powered by men.’

I know there are many Muslims suffering today. The past months have been especially difficult. It is time time of elections, and Donald Trump is a candidate to be President of the United States.

There has been tension between Muslims and Americans for a long time now. Particularly since September 11th, it has been a liability to be openly Muslim in the United States. This, in a country that was started because the Founders wanted religious freedom. It is sad and ironic. The country made by brave people who wanted freedom for everyone is now on the verge of going back on its foundational values.

When one looks at the history of the United States, it is full of stories of immigrants making it to the New World no matter how difficult the journey. Often it is the immigrants who are mistreated, who are given little respect and who do not feel welcome. The group of people that has been here slightly longer picks on the slightly newer and more “Alien” group. So perhaps this is only tradition.

I pray that there is not a law made against Muslims in this country because it will set a scary precedent of exclusion and categorization of people. We all believe in God and we all believe in Goodness. Ishmael was Abraham’s son. We are all brother.

I chose today’s prayers because I am feeling anxiety and sorrow. I want this world to be peaceful. I want to feel safe in my adopted home. I want to know my children will be treated with respect as they graduate school and enter the work force.

What is important is to remember that Allah is more powerful than the little worries I carry around in my head. If I take care to pray every day, often, and I remember that it is not for me to have the answers, then I can once again feel peace in my heart. Soon enough, there will be peace around me too.


Welcome to this first post. I am glad you are reading. It is my intention to make this page educational regarding Islam and its place in todays world.

Everyone is aware of the situation in the Middle East and in the whole global community. Islam, as I understand, contains many beautiful inspirations and guidances. It also has many doctrines that are questionable. Finally, like all texts said to be the Word of God, people often misunderstand and see the way they choose to see.

I strive to see things in the truest light. I use the wisdom of teachers, alive and dead, to help me read the Words of God and sit often in silent contemplation to know my own true thoughts. This is harder than it sounds. So many influences suggest to us how to think.

Luckily, meditation is a powerful medicine and with patience, one can begin to understand what are curses or spells, and what is the simple and eternal truth.