Welcome to this first post. I am glad you are reading. It is my intention to make this page educational regarding Islam and its place in todays world.

Everyone is aware of the situation in the Middle East and in the whole global community. Islam, as I understand, contains many beautiful inspirations and guidances. It also has many doctrines that are questionable. Finally, like all texts said to be the Word of God, people often misunderstand and see the way they choose to see.

I strive to see things in the truest light. I use the wisdom of teachers, alive and dead, to help me read the Words of God and sit often in silent contemplation to know my own true thoughts. This is harder than it sounds. So many influences suggest to us how to think.

Luckily, meditation is a powerful medicine and with patience, one can begin to understand what are curses or spells, and what is the simple and eternal truth.